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Rubber-steel flange gaskets, TEFMET PTFE gaskets with perforated stainless steel insert and adjustable wedge rings have been proven in use over many years in all areas of pipeline construction.  Well known organizations in the primary industry, the chemical industry and numerous gas and water companies at home and abroad value the advantages of Kroll & Ziller sealing products.                   

Wouldn’t it be nice to offer a top quality product that could solve your customer’s gasket sealing problems at a reasonable price? In the gasket business, there have been many new and expensive designs on the market. These designs attempt to prevent leakage while promoting easier installation. Nevertheless, our customers seem to continually face these problems. The Kroll & Ziller gaskets can solve many sealing problems at a reasonable price.

Kroll & Ziller gaskets are not something you will find an equivalent to because they are a German engineered and manufactured product. Aren’t you tired of selling "Me-Too" products where you are constantly in a price war? Are your margins shrinking because you are selling equivalents to everyone else’s product? Wouldn’t it be nice to offer a solution to your customer’s sealing needs?  If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then the Kroll & Ziller line of products is for you.  Take your time and browse through their product line.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time.


G-ST-P/S Gaskets... READ MORE
Low torque Rubber-Steel gaskets with o-ring energizer for thermoplastic or cast iron flanges or where low torque gaskets are needed in 150 and 300lb flange designs

G-ST-P/KN Gaskets... READ MORE
Profile gasket design with exposed outer metal ring for pressures up to 1500lbs.

Kammprofile Gaskets... READ MORE
Metal gaskets with graphite or PTFE; used in place of spiral wound gaskets

Pure virgin PTFE with perforated stainless-steel insert

Wedge Rings... READ MORE
Infinitely variable from 0 to 8 degrees to solve pipe misalignment

G-ST-P/S Gaskets
The G-ST-P/S profile gasket illustrates the technological progress of KROLL & ZILLER. The basic concept is shown in the graphic illustration of the gasket cross-section. The ball shaped G-ST main body is combined with a round cord ring. This "O-ring" is the most static sealing element. The performance of this O-ring is almost miraculous even without a cost-intensive groove. The G-ST-P/S profile gasket combines the advantages of its individual parts. High surface pressures transmitted from the main force of the flow are absorbed by the rigid ball-shaped G-ST gasket. The flat steel-ring is corrosion protected by being vulcanized in. It also absorbs with ease the required test pressure. The round cord ring lying parallel to the main force of the flow is ideally compressed against the sealing faces even at low surface pressures. Irregularities and grooves, even slight misalignments are compensated; [as well as insensitivity to the necessary minimum tightening torques during installation which spares the material.] A degree of operating reliability, never before reached, is assured. Once in position this gasket is sealed tight!

These advantages are especially important in the case of a flange joint on thermoplastic pipes (PVC, PE, PP, PVDF).

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G-ST-profile gaskets type G-ST-P/S offers the following advantages in use:
- easy installation
- sealing under minimum bolt tightening
- compensation for surface imperfections
- the design of flanges and bolts can be more lightweight
- durability of plastic connections is considerably higher
- angle differences can be compensated for more easily compared to simple flat gaskets
- expensive machining of round cord ring groove or new threading on the flange is unnecessary
-wide sealing surface area
-rectangular instead of round cross-section near the O-ring


G-ST-P/KN Gaskets
This design incorporates an exposed metal outer ring either of carbon or stainless steel (can also be made with non-conductive material). This gasket differs in that it is made to handle pressures up to 1500 lbs. This gasket is ideal for steel flanges or flanges with partial coatings.

Key Benefits
-Incorporates the G-ST-Profile design
-Outer metal ring limits compression
-Available in pressure classes 150, 300, 400, 600, 900 and 1500lbs.


Kammprofile Gaskets
Used in place of spiral wound gaskets. Gasket design prevents blow-outs. A re-usable gasket made with either soft virgin PTFE or graphite sealing element to fill surface imperfections.

Key Benefits
-Solid metal construction
-Multiple sealing points
-Requires lower torque than spiral wounds.
-More durable than spiral-wounds
-Maintains bolt load
-Can be used on most surface finishes


TEFMET Gaskets
Features virgin PTFE combined with a perforated stainless steel insert.

Key Benefits
-Pure virgin PTFE
-Perforated Stainless Steel insert prevents cold flow
-Self centers on bolts equals easy installation
-Resistant against all media
-No porsity
-Gas tight
-No distortion of the gasket at high pressure or with pressure surges due to the 0.5mm thick metal insert


Wedge Rings
The wedge ring is infinitely variable from 0 to 8 degrees just by rotating the assembly to solve pipe misalignment.  Used in conjunction with a rubber-steel gasket on each side.  The wedge ring contains a flat rubber-steel gasket inside the assembly to provide superior sealing.
Key Benefits
-Electro coated blue, carbon steel
-Solves misalignment in pipe systems from 0 to 8 degrees
-By fixing the misalignment you take stress off of the system and/or pump thereby increasing the longevity of the pump and/or system.



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Material Selections:
Kroll & Ziller's G-ST line comes in a variety of materials to suit almost any need.

-FPM-S - Temp. tmax. -4 to +392 degrees F, Shore -A-hardness 80 (+/-5)
-EPDM - Temp. tmax. -22 to +248 degrees F, Shore -A-hardness 70 (+/-5), FDA Approved
-NBR - Temp. tmax. -13 to +158 degrees F, Shore -A-hardness 80 (+/-5), FDA Approved
-HNBR - Temp. tmax. -4 to +302 degrees F, Shore -A-hardness 75 (+/-5)
-CSM - Temp. tmax. -4 to +248 degrees F, Shore -A-hardness 70 (+/-5)
-NR - Temp. tmax. -13 to +158 degrees F, Shore -A-hardness 60 (+/-5
-IIR - Temp. tmax. -13 to +248 degrees F, Shore -A-hardness 55 (+/-5)
-CR - Temp. tmax. -13 to +203 degrees F, Shore -A-hardness 63 (+/-5)