About this novel

The chapters of this novel don’t have any particular order. You can get to the first chapter from the title page, but after that each chapter has multiple links to other chapters, so that you can branch out in different directions and explore however you wish. You can think of each chapter is a little vignette about people or events on Planet GJ-1214b, a short story by itself; or you can travel a path of links to create plots, story arcs, and themes that reveal themselves based on the choices you make.

The characters of this novel are people who are very different from you. They evolved on a planet very different from yours. Explaining every technical detail of the biology, sociology and culture of the people of Planet GJ-1214b could take up an entire book by itself, and not a very interesting one at that. If you’re the sort who enjoys figuring things out on your own, you should be able to dive right into this novel, explore, and have fun. All of the information you need is there, scattered throughout the chapters. You can discover it as the story unfolds.

But if you find that frustrating, or you are simply eager to learn about the details of this alien planet and culture before you dive into the novel, you can use the links in the Appendix (either to the left, or below, depending on your screen size) to delve into the background details of the planet, the people, their society, and their history.

Either way, once you are ready, you can begin your journey into this novel by heading to first chapter: Tagg.